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The Perfect Gift

There is nothing that will show your love for a friend or family better than good Genuine Leather products. It will last them for a very long time and keep reminding them of that special bond you have.

Local Artisans

Rest assured that our Genuine Leather products are handcrafted by skilled artisans, not mass-produced in a factory. We take pride in sourcing our materials locally and supporting other small creative businesses.

The Story of Leather

Leather, a durable and versatile natural material, is derived from the hides of animals, primarily cows. It finds application in clothing, footwear, furniture, and accessories, owing to its ability to withstand wear and tear. To produce leather, the hides are tanned to enhance their strength and durability, and then dyed in a range of colors. Different treatments can be employed to imbue the leather with specific attributes, such as waterproofing, breathability, and texture modification. Leather is highly sought-after for its enduring quality and classic aesthetic.


Markings on Leather:

Leather is a natural material made from animal hides, and it is not unusual for it to feature natural marks such as scars, veins, and stretch marks. These marks are a result of the animal’s life and should not be viewed as defects. Rather, they are considered by many to be an indication of authenticity and character in a leather product, imparting a unique quality to each piece.

When buying leather products, it is essential to anticipate the presence of natural marks and to regard them as a desirable feature. Natural marks have no bearing on the durability or quality of the leather and should be appreciated for their contribution to the product’s vintage and rustic appearance, which is appealing to certain fashion trends.

In conclusion, natural marks are an intrinsic attribute of leather and should be expected, appreciated, and not considered as flaws. It is this quality that makes leather a cherished material.

This is why we Love Leather.

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Our products are made to order, with a lead time of 21 days from the receipt of payment. We always strive to ensure that your order is delivered to you on time and we will do our utmost best to expedite the manufacturing process whenever possible. However, please note that load shedding may occasionally cause unforeseen delays, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Rest assured that we are dedicated to delivering high-quality leather products that are well worth the wait.


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