Daily people will debate on breastfeeding or formula.  Some people are so lucky, they produce milk by the second… Can freeze for a year’s supply and exclusively breastfeed.  I on the other hand, were not so lucky.  I tried everything possible to increase my milk supply.  A breastfeeding sister at the hospital helped me, jungle juice, brewers yeast, oats with flax seed, water, rooibos tea, Espiride, pump between feeds, feed on demand but none of that increased my milk supply.  Both my daughters were still hungry after I fed them for 30-40 minutes at a time.  My husband and I made a decision from the beginning that if that would happen to me, we will give them formula.  I know breastfeeding is the best for your baby, but what if you did everything possible and still don’t have enough milk? Let your baby cry for hours, because you as a parent are too proud to walk into a shop and buy formula? What will the people say? She didn’t even try… She is too lazy to breastfeed… She is selfish for not even trying…She does not care about her baby’s health.  In fact, I did and still do care more than people would ever know.  If you are in the same position that I was, don’t let others put you down and say hurtful things to you.  It is your child and you don’t have to explain to anyone if you give your baby formula.  Almost all of my friends breastfed their children.  And I am so proud of them.  I am pro-breastfeeding and applaud my mommy friends for succeeding! Well done! In fact, ons of my friends informed me that breast milk cleared up her baby’s eye infection, cleared up the baby acne on her cheeks and a few drops of breast milk opened up her stuffy nose.   She was  only 3 weeks old.  I agree, breast is best.

Despite of colds, coughs, ear infection and a scratch here and there we have 2 healthy daughters.  We gave Emily-Thea formula up to 12 months and switched to cow’s milk.  She loved her milk.  She drank 500ml of full cream milk every day.  From the day we started solids, she was a fussy eater.  She would rather choose milk than food.  She battled with different types of food textures for example squished banana, scrambled eggs, yogurt with fruit pieces (she still won’t eat it), spaghetti… and the list can go on and on.  When Riné was born, Emily-Thea’s daily milk intake increased from 500ml to 750ml.  Sometimes more.  She thought that if Riné can drink milk every 3 hours she can do that as well.  Emily-Thea developed a really bad cough that went on for months.  She had a constant runny nose.  We tried everything.  At the end of June, our medical aid was exhausted.  From cortisone, nebulize her every 4 hours, nose sprays, cough medicine, Topraz, Karvol drops, Nurofen and antibiotics.  She was better for a few days, and then the cough and runny nose returns.  Then one day, my husband spoke to a friend of him and she told him that we must exclude dairy products from her diet.  We gave her soya milk instead of cow’s milk and switched from regular yogurt to lactose free yogurt.  Within 1 week her cough cleared up, runny nose cleared up and she had a more normal appetite.  We decided to go to the paediatrician to do some allergen tests.  He tested for cats/dogs, dust mites, dairy and grass.  3 of the 4 test’s results came back positive.  One of which was dairy.  We were so relieved… we found a cure! Since then Emily-Thea is a different child.  No more coughs and no more medicine.  Riné suffered from reflux and had lots of acid.  We took her to the chiropractor.  That made a slight difference.  We gave her 5mgs of Nexium half an hour before her bedtime bottle.  It definitely helped her through the night, but when morning came and she had her first bottle for the day it was a disaster.  We went through at least 10 bibs and 3-4 sets of clothing.  She threw up so much milk which caused her to be thirsty every 2 hours.


When Riné was just over 4 months old, I said to my husband that we must try soya formula.  Maybe Riné is sensitive to lactose as well.  We started on soya formula…That was the worst decision we ever made.  Riné reacted the opposite way to soya.  She showed allergic reactions to soya.  She cried for almost a week.  We decided to go back to normal formula but increased her Nexium dosage to 5mgs twice a day and 1,5ml of Gaviscon Plus 4 times a day.  What a significant difference that made.  Now, almost 6 months we are back to only 5mgs of Nexium per day and no Gaviscon.  She started on solids just after 5 months.  She loves her oats mixed with Squish for breakfast, pear/banana for lunch and veggies for supper.  An absolute pleasure to cook for this little girl.  We as parents learnt so much.  The most important lesson we learnt is that children differ in so many ways.  Such a simple thing as dairy and soya.  That’s what makes each of them unique. Love your child just the way he/she is and don’t compare them to others.


“Too much love never spoils children.  Children become spoiled when we substitute ‘presents’ for ‘presence’.”  Anthony Witham