If the world wants teen pregnancies to decrease, let them look after a teething baby or toddler.  No one can prepare you for the teething phase.  Emily-Thea had her first 2 teeth at 7 months.  She never showed any signs of teething, just happiness.  On the other hand, Riné slept well until the teething started.  I could see she was in pain and still is some nights… because teething babies will always be fine during the day and cry at night.  Murphy’s Law! Emily-Thea felt better with Nurofen.   With Riné it is a total different story.  We had to upgrade to Roodeberg Pharmacy’s teething mixture and a Viburcol suppository at bedtime to just ease the inflammation.  Prodol and teething powder was also on top of our teething rescue kit list.  Her gums were so inflamed and swollen, and as a mom you feel so helpless when you have given them what you can and they still cry.  Luckily both Riné’s lowercase front teeth have made their appearance as she is as cute as a button! Such an adorable face, and funny how the face changed with her pearly whites!

All children are different and develop at their own pace, so try not to compare your child to other children.  Usually teeth will appear from 8 months on wards but that’s only an indication.  Some babies will show off with their first tooth at the age of 3 months.  We’ve had many sleepless nights with Riné busy teething, but it’s worth every second.  She recently started making these funny noises and laughs at us, and that just melts ones heart.  She also discovered that she can feel both her teeth with her tongue.  Every single development Riné shows / milestone she achieves is such an amazing feeling for us as parents.  A tooth can be such a stupid/simple thing to some but I even made pancakes to celebrate the first two teeth.  Emily-Thea was so amazed when she discovered her sister’s teeth.  She also wanted to see and feel the teeth.  We recently started with baby biltong and teething biscuits, and she loves them both.  Now we can’t wait for the next tooth to arrive.  2 down, 18 to go… Hats off to my mommy friends who breastfeed their teething babies!

I can tell you, both Dewald and I had some zombie days where we struggled to keep our eyes open, but this too shall pass. Some nights are better than others and some not, but you can’t leave your child in pain. Teething is only a phase…an unpredictable 2 year phase.  Feeling angry or impatient will definitely not make teething better.  Emily-Thea had her last tooth at the age of two and we were really thankful it ended soon.  We love Riné to bits and will do everything in our power to try and ease her pain.  To everyone going through some or other teething stage stay calm, stay strong and be positive.


‘You don’t know fear until you breastfeed a teething baby!’