The best way a child can learn and remember is through play.  Some parents want to teach their child things way above their age, things that are abstract and visual/practical and things on a level way above their performance level.

It is important to communicate with your child in your mother tongue/1st language, otherwise your child will struggle with speech development as well as building of his/her vocabulary.   Talk to your child, listen attentively and answer in a way he/she will understand.  Within a child’s first two years after they were born, their brain is like a little sponge.  Taking is everything they hear, see and experience.  We encourage our children to play and explore, getting dirty and we do fine/gross motor activities.  Children develop at his/her own pace.  It is important not to compare your children with one another.  I like to see the difference in the developmental stages/milestones.  The 2nd child usually develops much quicker than your first as the 2nd child copies the first child’s actions.  For example: Emily-Thea and Riné both sat on their own at 6 months of age.  Emily-Thea had her first two teeth at 7 months and Riné at 6 months.  Emily-Thea started crawling at 9 months and Riné at 8 months and Emily-Thea started clapping hands at 9 months ad Riné a few days ago.  Emily-Thea loved her milk and never likes food and she still chooses milk above her food.  Riné on the other hand enjoys her food!  The love for these two can’t be put to words.

Dewald and I really makes an effort to take them to different place to see and experience new things.  We also make an effort to take time and stimulate them.  Our nanny, Jane, is excellent with them.  With her only completing grade 4 sometimes can be hard for her, but despite of that she does an excellent job with both of them by teaching them through play and different activities.  A good way to teach your child from a young age is the usage of posters.  Fruit and Vegetables, My body, Shapes, Colors, Wild animals, Sea animals, Farm animals, Insects etc.  It is also important to repeat as much as you can.  If your child wants to read the same story for 2 weeks ongoing, then do it.

And mommy, don’t worry about your child getting dirty, their clothes getting dirty.  There are so many different soaps/body washes in the shops and you can choose from a selection of washing powders.  If the way your child looks or dress is more important to you than to play, learn and getting dirty…then mommy, you should make a mind shift.  Believe me, I love to play dress up with these two, but they can play in which ever outfit I put on.  Luckily I love doing washing and the smell of clean clothes.  Read to your child from an early stage and ask questions.  Play with blocks, dance, play music and sing along, play with clay, sand, finger paint etc.  Rather read more frequently during the week than for a long period once a week.  A 1 year old child should be able to listen and concentrate for 1 minute, a two year old for two minutes, a three year old for 3 minutes and so on.  And this excludes watching screen time.

I jump up and down, clap hands and sometimes scream of excitement when they achieved a milestone! Such a privilege to be their mom.